"Trends follow our direction of thought, expressing the mood of the present and the style of the future."


Warmth and cozy elegance

No matter what style is your home, even in a modern world with numerous materials and possibilities, the best approach to add more warmth and coziness continues to be by using wood on more surfices and not just for tables and chairs. The examples blow show it in an unquestionable way:

Mamaroneck residence 13 Contemporary Ranch Style Residence Inspiring a State of Well Being

Brick House with Smooth Curves small bar sliding perforated metal screen
There is a noticable trend in recent years of using more and more wood in interior design in many different ways, which is great. And mostly it is from renewable resources or re-used or reclaimed wood.


New design not to miss

Azure Ingo Maurer Toto I RicchiPoveri
I Ricchi Poveri Toto by Ingo Maurer (source)
Extreme Silhouettes
Gem accessoriesa family of angular lights, tables and mirrors taking inspiration from the facets of cut gemstones by Tom Dixon 
Geco-Hub-GIF---largeGeco Hub - one-stop grab-and-go storage spot 
Elisabeth Wall mirror by Jean-François D'Or 


Maison & Objet September 2014 - a glimpse

Just a look at some new products to be seen at the coming this September Maison & Objet:

Hexagone de ciment N°8
Mise en situation 3D © Nurra Barry
Beauregard cement tiles

Drop Top Lamp Shade by  Plumen

«Louis XVI is back» by Thomas de Lussac

 Secto Design lighting
Interesting, isn't it? Check regularly - more news will follow.


New lighting designs at 100% Design this September

During its 20 edition 17-20 September 2014 100% Design will show interesting new designs of over 400 brands. Look at some of the new lighting:

Fish Deluxe lampshade
Studio Scabetti, famous for their 'beautiful, sometimes quirky, but always desirable objects, made with pride and quality as locally as possible' will be launching their newly formed offshoot Bromley&Bromley: 
Fish Deluxe

 Masam - a new lamp made with the help of  paper folding/unfolding techniques
SturlesiDesign set to iLLuminate the Super Design Market
iLLuminite - a collection of decorative night lights by SturlesiDesign


Spaces that are neither indoors nor completely outdoors

Or are both, depending on that whether the large sliding doors or other separations are pulled or not - I like summer and the possibility to live mostly outdoors, to be in contact with nature. Enjoy my selection of great findings on that theme:

Loft 24-7 by Fernanda Marques Arquiteto Asociados
“Being inside feeling like one is outside. I believe that to be a key issue in understanding the interior design being produced today..."


And don't think that all of them require big investments - may be ingenuity and desire are more important:
Compact living at its best, this seven by nine foot cabana designed by Alex Wyndham is called Hawk House. Would this make a great home office? on The Owner-Builder Network  http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/sheds-1/insert-1.jpg
Have a look at some more ideas in my earlier post: Outdoor living - make the best from every space available!


Fun Furniture

Furniture can have additional function - it can be a source of fun, too. Have a look at some great furniture designs that can trigger good mood and memories of childhood.

ana jimenez turns masks of mexico into furniture pieces
‘the double face’

ana jimenez los enmascarados mexican mask furniture
‘the drunk lady’

Even without their story of creation Mexican designer Ana Jimenez's ‘Los Enmascarados’ are fun and pleasure to look at - imagine getting up in the morning and seeing them. They can definitely be a source of good mood and inspiration for a good start of the day. Or in the evening - when getting back home from a difficult working day - their humour can make you feel better and think of other things, not your problems.  The five pieces of furniture reflecting the nation’s traditional masks to me are much more pleasure to look at than the originnal masks that inspired them.
ana jimenez los enmascarados mexican mask furniture
‘the devil’
ana jimenez los enmascarados mexican mask furniture
‘the old man’
ana jimenez los enmascarados mexican mask furniture
‘the buffoon’

Similar feelings evokes the Tabouret Montaigne by  Grégoire de Lafforest made ​​on the principle of the French toy “culbuto” with a fleet of lead. Leather jacket was created by Domeau & Peres:



Do you like Coat trees?

This seems to be one of the most comfortable and used furniture piece - especially in a teen's room :)

But we, the adults, too, prefer the easy comfort of a nearest situated hook where to hand our coat, bag or any other clothes that we take off. They meet us when we enter the hallway and we need them - at home or at the office, or in a cafe. No doubt that the so cold coat trees are very often a designer's inspiration. I still have one from my grandma in our hallway and it is very heavily used.

If you are planning to add one to your interior design project, look at the suggestions below and get inspired :)
Coat Tree with Tripod Base Coat Tree with Tripod BaseSimple Coat Tree
Simple Coat Tree
Moonlight Coat Tree Moonlight Coat TreeSimply Modern Coat Tree Simply Modern Coat Tree
Coat Tree With Hooks Coat Tree With Hooks Living Tree Coat Rack Living Tree Coat Rack
Decorative Coat Tree Decorative Coat Tree Alba Festival 5-Peg Black Coat Tree Alba Festival 5-Peg Black Coat Tree

 Shown in Fluoro  Peg Coat Stand by Tom Dixon
Rosewood Coat & Hat Stand Rosewood Coat & Hat Stand

900029 Coat Racks Metal Coat Rack with Umbrella Stand by
900029 Coat Racks Metal Coat Rack with Umbrella Stand by Metal Standing Coat Rack with Umbrella Stand and Clock - 77H in. Metal Standing Coat Rack with Umbrella Stand and Clock - 77H in. Contemprary Tripod Coat Rack Contemprary Tripod Coat Rack
68 in. Coat Rack 68 in. Coat RackMetal Coat Rack Metal Coat Rack
Retro style coat racks seem very charming, don'tyou think?

But, if you don't have space for a Coat tree, here is a suggestion just for a branch from it :)

Woodland Wall Coat Rack Woodland Wall Coat Rack Sassafras Wall Coat Rack Sassafras Wall Coat Rack
Gumball Coat Rack in MultiColored Gumball Coat Rack in MultiColored