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Cool Design for Your Kids

Pac Man Ghost Floating Lamp Pac Man Ghost Floating LampPinPres by OOO My Design PinPres by OOO My Design HugglePod HangOut HugglePod HangOut Princess Duvet by Snurk Princess Duvet by Snurk My Neighbor Totoro Bed My Neighbor Totoro BedShoot Again Indoor Basketball Hoop Set Shoot Again Indoor Basketball Hoop SetiPooding Liquid Filled iPhone Case iPooding Liquid Filled iPhone Case

Cool things for your home

Are you inspired by beautiful design? Do you like to be surrounded by it in your everyday life? Let me share with you some of my latest findings:Pi Bowl
Pi Bowl is part of the Pi Collection developed by OHM Industrial Designers in Canada.Clear Cube 3 Plant Pot by Boskke Clear Cube 3 Plant Pot by BoskkeNo Drip Honey Dispenser
No Drip Honey Dispenser Floating Lamp by Crealev
The Floating Lamp by Crealev - this was one of my early posts that was most popular. Obviously many of us a fascinated by the possibility to have pieces floating in the air. Now this lamp is easily available for a price of $1,650.Rainbow In My Room Nightlight
Rainbow In My Room Nightlight - another impressive lamp for much lower price. Couch Arm Wrap
Couch Arm Wrap Wall Mounted Fish Bowl Wall Mounted Fish Bowl After Matisse Rug by Sonya Winner
After Matisse Rug by Sonya Winner - an accent piece that is sufficient for furnishing a room :)
Or, at least, as the only colourful one. Fiber Optic Table Runner by Luminex
Fiber Optic Table Runner by Luminex Hi-Lighting iPhone 5 Cable Hi-Lighting iPhone 5 CableFigo Futon Figo Futon